Stylish Pet Toy Storage Ideas in

Oh, the dilemma of pet toys. They are so much fun to purchase and your pets love to chew the heck out of them. However, it can be exhausting to come home to find the floor covered in slobbery plush animals and demolished squeaky toys. I have been searching to find the biggest design dilemmas for people with pets. A bunch of people have mentioned they don’t know what to do with all the dog toys. They shove them in some sort of bin at the end of the night but by the next afternoon, the toys have been evenly dispersed along each inch of the floor. You need some stylish pet toy storage ideas.

A Two-Step Approach

I think we need to take a two-step approach to solve this pet-problem. The first step is to realize that if they are hunting and pulling dog toys from the storage container they are not hunting and pulling cushions from your couch. Think of this routine of spreading toys around the room as a means of protection for your beloved couch. While coming home to the rug covered in dog toys is a little annoying, coming home to your favorite chair cushions ripped to shreds is heartbreaking.

The second step is to make the pet toy storage container an opportunity to add a design element. If it’s something you love to look at, you will be less resentful to stuff the toys back into it at the end of the night. We rounded up seventeen different Pet Toy Storage ideas in every flavor of home design from Luxe to Rustic Farmhouse.

The pups helped me put together this video to show you all the possibilities. (The cat could not be bothered with our little video fun)

Download a pdf with links to where you can purchase these stylish storage ideas and all the materials for the DIY projects below.