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33 Super Chic Boho Dog Beds

33 Super Chic Boho Dog Beds

Modern Boho decor is a mix of eclectic textures and patterns with airy organic elements. It can weave in elements of rattan and macrame or be an explosion of pattern and layered texture. The joy of boho design is that it is an expression of your passions, whether that...

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Snuggle Up with Pet-Friendly Coastal Grandmother Decor

Snuggle Up with Pet-Friendly Coastal Grandmother Decor

What is Coastal Grandmother Decor? Let’s get anyone without a TikTok account up to speed. Coastal Grandmother decor is inspired by the kitchens of Nancy Meyer’s characters like Mery Streep in It’s Complicated and Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. It’s a modern...

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27 Gifts for Dog Walkers That Show Your Love – Fur Real

27 Gifts for Dog Walkers That Show Your Love – Fur Real

Dog Walkers are dependable, loving and our dog's best friends. How can you possibly express your gratitude for this amazing person who brings such joy to your pup? It's a daunting task to pick the perfect gift but one of these 27 gifts for dog walkers should do the...

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Pet-Friendly Buying Guides

The best in pet friendly finds!

cat exercise wheels

Step inside the magical world of cat exercise wheels. We reviewed the best cat exercise wheels so you can find the perfect one for your cat and home. When cats do not get enough exercise they can develop behavior problems but these cat exercise wheels will help them get fit.

Modern Dog Crates

The proven benefits of having a dog crate certainly outweighed the ugly eyesore they create in our living spaces. I take pride that our home is a collection of furnishing that are meaningful to our family, and a big chunky metal crate does fit into that picture. Until recently, there were no modern dog crate options.

Cat Scratcher

Gone are the days of ugly cat scratchers. We review the best modern cat scratchers to keep your cat happy and your home beautiful.

Pet-Friendly Home

Create a beautiful home, with pets!

If you have concerns your dog is shedding excessively, check with your vet to rule out any health or nutritional problems. Once you have the all-clear, then it is time to roll up your sleeves and start defending your home from all the fur.

Moderno Dog Crate

Fret no longer. This primer on houseplants safe for cats will help you determine which types of botanicals are okay for your feline friend to interact with and which aren’t, information that will keep them healthy and make sure both of you stay happy.

You can live in style with pets. These nine tips for Buying Pet-Friendly furniture will show you how.

Pet-Friendly Design Guides

You don’t have to sacrifice style for your furkid!

Cat Exercise wheels

Modern Farmhouse Design is the perfect style for people with pets. The durable fabrics and rustic finishes hide some of the wear and tear from our fur-kids while the cozy vibe is the perfect setting for snuggly with your dog or cat. Here is how to get the look of Mo

With its ornate details, glass top tables, and extreme glamour Hollywood Regency isn’t top of mind as a pet-friendly interior design option. However, with a bit of strategy, you can bring pet-friendly Hollywood Regency design into your home or apartment.

Whether you are committed to living a minimalist lifestyle or love minimalist design, there are many benefits to paring down all the extra stuff. Don’t worry, living with a Minimalist dog is not out of reach.