Does it feel like your cat is always napping? They are not alone. Most cats sleep 12-14 hours a day. 

Indoor cat tents make the perfect spot for your kitty to catch some shut-eye. And they look crazy cute. We rounded up 19 stylish cat tents. Whether your cat prefers a glamping vibe or more of an Alpine Chalet, we have the perfect tent for you! 

Indoors or Outdoors?

While there are some amazing benefits to outdoor tents, this selection is for indoor use only. Please do not damage these gorgeous tents by leaving them out in the elements!

How We Selected These 19 Indoor Cat Tents

We are all about design here at Barking Bungalow, so that was the leading factor. We searched for options your cat will love and that would work for any modern decor. And, of course, we avoided any indoor cat tents that had any safety concerns to create our round-up.

Skip down to the bottom to read about measuring, placement, and more!

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Best Indoor Cat Tents

1 Happy Camper by Tuft and Paw

Dimensions: 19″W x 19″D x 24″H

Assembly: Includes tools for Assembly

Cleaning: Use a damp cloth to wipe wood and a lint roller for scratching surface

This cat tent has faceted panels with wood veneer on one side, and a scratch-resistant felt on the other. The bottom of the tent included a custom-cut faux fur pillow with a suede bottom that prevents slipping. The openings between panels allow your cat to keep an eye out on their surroundings while they are resting. 

If your kitty does not take to the tent, Tuft & Paw will connect you with their cat behaviorist for some suggested tips and even a refund if that doesn’t work. 

2 Peekaboo Cat Tent by Tuft and Paw

indoor cat tents

Dimensions: 19.5″D x 19″H

Assembly: Easy. No tools required

Cleaning: lint roller or vacuum is recommended for light cleaning. The base pillow cover is washable.

The Peekaboo is designed for the playful cat. It has three cut-out openings for sneaking a peak or making an exit. This stylish cat furniture comes in two colors and looks 

amazing in any modern home. The wooden base bands keep the tent sturdy, while the luxe bottom cushion creates a comfy place for your kitty to nap.

Adventure Tent by Tinker Trading CO

Dimensions: 5″ x 15″ x 28”

Assembly: Comes with an easy-to-follow video

Cleaning: Bottom can be washed on cold and air dried. The top should only be spot cleaned.

Is your fur baby ready for some indoor glamping at cat camp? Then the adventure indoor cat tent is the puuurfect fit with its stretchy hammock base! This chic cat tent comes in come six classy colors. It’s made of sturdy maple hardwood and canvas, so you can easily move it around your home, even over a warm vent on a cool day. 

4 Boho Pet Tent by Blinkenship

Dimensions:  Three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large)

Assembly: Delivered ready to use

Cleaning: The bottom cushion is washable on cold. The top should only be spot cleaned.

This modern boho cat tent is beloved by hundreds of cats and dogs. Its pom pom and tie-back details make this pet tent a shows stopper in any room while also creating a lovely hideaway for your feline friend. This Etsy shop and tent get stellar reviews.

Plenty of Pom Poms Green Pet Tent by Furry Me

Dimensions:  Four sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large)

Assembly: Comes Pre-Assembled

Cleaning: Tent and cushion cover washable in cool or warm settings.

This adorable pet tent maxes out the boho style with pom pom embellishments. It’s made of durable and eco-friendly materials like 100% linen and natural Aspen Wood. Add a pop of color to your space with the trendy blue fabric. Light up your cat’s heart with the add-on LED light option.

Neutral Indoor Cat Tents by Wild and Loyal Shop

Dimensions: Three sizes 24”x 24”, 29”x29”, 36” x 36”

Assembly: Comes Pre-Assembled

Cleaning: machine wash, lay flat to dry

The clean line of this indoor cat tent makes this a sophisticated option for your home and fur baby. It’s handmade in Canada and comes with a floor cushion, but you can also tuck your cat’s favorite bed inside for personalized comfort. The door is always open, so this is a great option for cats who need less privacy.

Structured Indoor Cat Tents by CatsPlayFurniture

Dimensions:  23.6 х 15.7 х 26

Assembly: Easy to Assemble

Cleaning: n/a

CatsPlayFurniture, based in Ukraine, makes beautiful handcrafted cat furniture and this structured cat tent is a stunning part of their collection. The plywood structure has an intricately carved design. The side is made from linen and, for the ultimate cozy comfort, also comes with rabbit fur. 

8 Soft Triangle Cat Tents by Catifyit

Dimension: 20.5 x 20.5x 15

Assembly: light assembly required

Cleaning: n/a

Part of the soft triangle series, these handsome indoor cat tents are made from durable materials like upholstery quality fabric, natural pine, Beachwood, and merino wool cushion. Catifyit sells multiple styles of modern indoor cat tents to check out.

9 The Vulcan Indoor Cat Tents by Catifyit

10 Mountain Peak Cat Tent by Catifyit

11 Minimalist Cat Tent by BUDA Pet Space

Dimensions: 22 x 18.1 x 17.7

Assembly: light assembly required

Cleaning: Easy to wipe down the surface

This is much more than a cat tent. It’s a multifunctional complex. The inside of the tent provides a quiet place to sleep and features a sturdy side scratching post. If you live in a smaller space, this is a great way to combine cat furniture into an all-in-one piece. It is made of durable materials to stand up to your kitty scratching. Choose from one of three modern colors to match your home decor. No need to go outdoors with so much adventure inside. One thing to note, it ships from Ukraine, so allow time for delivery.

12 Boho Cat Tent by Platanin

Dimensions: 17 x 17

Assembly: n/a

Cleaning: Replacement rugs are available

The 100% cotton cord rug flooring makes this boho cat tent unique. It comes in 18 different colors and is made of high-quality handcrafted materials.

13 Affinity Cat Tree by Affinity Pets


Assembly: Easy to Assemble


The affinity boasts a more durable cat tent made with thicker linen fabric and pine poles. It comes in green and yellow and has a hammock-style bed.

14 Black and White Pet Tent Wild and Loyals

Dimensions: 24 x 24 

Assembly: Comes Pre-Assembled

Cleaning: Spot Clean Only

We love the look of this fresh black and white design on this indoor cat tent. It’s made of durable canvas and comes with a comfy cushy. Consider the add-on stabilizer kit for active pets.

15 Snow Peak Indoor Cat Tent

Dimensions: 15.7 x15.7 x 20

Assembly: on piece plus pillow

Cleaning: pillow is washable

This snow-capped indoor cat tent is made with a wool blend felt. It is folded into one piece and makes a great option when traveling with cats.

16 Kitty City Indoor Cat Tents 

Dimensions: 23.5 in D x 23.5 in H x 28.75 in W

Assemby: Easy to Assemble

Cleaning: machine washable

This is a great budget-friendly option for indoor cat tents. If you want to find out how your cat interacts with a tent before investing in one of the other handcrafted design options, this tent is for you. It features a hammock-style bend and a feather play toy.

17 Furhaven Cat Tent

Dimensions: 16″L x 13″W x 13″Th

Assembly: one piece

Cleaning: machine washable

This is another one-piece cat tent. It has cushions on all sides and creates an almost cave-like experience for your cat. It’s perfect for pets who love to cuddle in and get comfortable.

18 Eco Max Pet Tent

Dimensions: 23.6 x 22 x 21

Assembly: n/a

Cleaning: n/a

Let’s go camping! This sweet cat tent by Ecomax is made of cotton canvas sides and comes with a soft fleece bed. This is another entry point indoor cat tent that has a touch of boho style. If you want to create the feel of a cat camp, this cozy abode will do the trick.

19 SmartyCat with Crinkle Toy

Dimensions: 20.47”  x 20.47” x 17.51”

Assembly: Easy to Assemble

Cleaning: Made of wipeable plastic

The Smarty Cat Indoor Play Tent is less of a comfy retreat and more of an active hide-and-seek toy. The attached crinkle toy inspires hours of play. Check out the fun videos posted of pet parents enjoying their cats playing in and around the tent.

The Facts on Indoor Cat Tents

Benefits of Cat Tents

Cats like to sleep in small spaces. Their instincts tell them that they are vulnerable to prey when sleeping, and they look for protected dens for sleeping. The search for small spaces can get cats in trouble, and an indoor cat tent is an easy solution to protect them. Plus, they are totally cute.

Determining the Correct Size

There are a few things to consider when determining the correct size tent for your cat. In addition, to being able to fit inside, turn around and rest comfortably, you should make sure the front opening can fit them as well. If the bottom of the tent has a hammock base, check the weight recommendation.

Use the measurements with the review to determine how much space you will need to place.

Care and Cleaning Tips

You can purchase a fully washable tent or one that needs to be spot clean. You know your cat best. If you have indoor cats that is a mellow shedder, the spot clean option may work for your home. If your cat is like mine and tracks in dirt and tends to cause a raucous, go with the full-on washable one. 


Cats enjoy having a little privacy throughout the day so consider placing your indoor cat tent in a spot away from daily activity. Make sure to avoid hazards like radiators.

Are They Okay for Dogs? 

We selected these tents with cats in mind, but if your dog fits the size recommendation, there isn’t any reason why they can’t enjoy these stylish tents too. Any small animals will feel like camping in a pet tent.


If you travel with your pet, there are a couple of one-piece cat tents that are easy to carry and for your fur baby on the go. A space that already smells like them will provide comfort in new environments. 

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