Dog Walkers are dependable, loving and our dog’s best friends. How can you possibly express your gratitude for this amazing person who brings such joy to your pup?

It’s a daunting task to pick the perfect gift but one of these 27 gifts for dog walkers should do the trick! 

Show your dog walker how much you appreciate them with one of the unique gift ideas. 

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Practical Gifts for Dog Walkers

Dog Walker Fanny Pack 

Dog walkers have a lot to carry, poop bags, treats, and house keys, in addition to securely holding onto your pup’s leash. Make their lives easier with this Dog Walker Fanny Pack. . It has a place for everything they need so they can stay focused on the dog. They can store all their dog-walking accessories, so they are ready for any dog-walking adventure.

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Fashionable Dog Treat Pouch Bag

For the fashion-forward dog walker in your life, choose this fashionable version of the dog walker pouch. It holds all the things, is made from 100% recycled materials, and comes in five trendy colors.

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Rechargeable Hand Warmers

In the winter, keep your dog walker’s hand warm with this high-tech rechargeable hand warmer. It has three warmth settings and heats up instantly. 

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4 Neoprene Toe Warmers

Don’t forget their feet. Keep their toes warm and comfy with these neoprene toe warmers. They fit over your socks and inside your shoes or boots for an added layer of warmth.

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Wireless Earbuds

These wireless headphones from Jabra will keep a pep in your dog walker’s step while they are out and about. These affordable headphones feature custom noise canceling, a wireless mic and are even waterproof.

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6 Dog Walker Shirt

Long sleeve T-shirt, printed with a dog holding a leash. Jeans and shoes sit beside it on a table.

This adorable dog walker shirt can be customized with the name of your pup or a simple heart. Let the world know who walks your pup! (Size up for traditional fit)

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7&8 Hands-Free Umbrella and Dog Leash Umbrella

Rain or Shine, your favorite dog walker, is out there on paw patrol with your pup. Keep both your dog walker and dog happy with this handy hands-free leash umbrella. 

Hands-Free Umbrella

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9&10 Stylish Poop Bags and Holder

Next to voting, picking up your dog’s poo is one of our most important civic doo-dies. If your gotta dodo it, at least dodo it in style with these stylish Wild One Poop Bags and Pawsh Poop Bag Holder in every color you could possibly imagine.

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11 Winter Glove For Dog Walkers

Black Glove

No more fumbling in the cold with the leashes and bags. This clever winter glove specifically designed for dog walkers has storage for up to four poop bags and has nylon tips to easily open them so they can get down to the business of picking up your dog’s business.

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12 Superfeet Insoles

The Superfeet insoles are the best way to protect your dog walker’s feet from daily foot pain. They stabilize and prevent stress on the foot. The odor control feature makes sure that the only thing that smells is your pup.

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Cozy Gifts for Dog Walkers

13 Foot Massager

After pounding the pavement all day, your fav dog walker can kick back and relax with this next-level foot massager. Turn those tired dogs into happy pups!

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14 Walkers Shortbread Cookies

It’s all in the name. Treat your dog walker with these delicious Walker’s Shortbread Cookies in the shape of a Scottie dog. It may be a little on the nose, but they will love them!

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15 Dog Walker’s Revival Kits

Gift box with a bottle of bath foam, hand creme, foot cream and soap. Box is open on a table with a plant,

The Dog Walker’s revival kit has everything your dog walker needs for a restorative evening, including luxurious hand cream, relaxing bath foam, exfoliating foot cream, and handmade soap. Plus, it comes in this adorable paw print approved packaging. 

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16 Deluxe Hand Cream

All those leashes can take a toll on your dog walker’s hands. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, so give your favorite dog walker a little luxe treatment from the people at L’Occitane. The gift set includes a variety of indulging fragrances.

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17 Pet Sitter Gift Box

Gift Box with airplant, cookies, candle, soap and a card sits inside. Box sits on top of a table.

What says thank you for taking care of my fur-kid more than a Spa Gift Set? This sweet collection includes a soy candle, matches, soap, an air plant with a terrarium, chocolate chip cookies and a personalized paw print greeting card. 

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Gifts That Show Their Love for Dogs

18 Paw and Hand Shirt

Navy Blue -shirt on hanger with an image of a human hand holding a dog paw.

Let your dog walker show their love for pups with this sweet paw and hand dog shirt. The t-shirt fabric is super soft, and it comes in a variety of colors

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19 Coffee with a Cause

A cup of Grounds and Hounds coffee is the perfect way to start the day before some serious dog walking. The gift pack includes K-9 branded varieties like Papers and Slippers, Morning Walk Breakfast Blend and Alpha Blend Dark Roast. Plus, each cup helps a pup. A portion of the proceeds goes to pet rescue initiatives.

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20 Dog Hair Don’t Care T-shirt

Tshirt with text Dog Hair Don't Care and a Paw Print. Sneakers and shorts near t-shirt.

No need to apologize about the dog hair. Shout it out loud with this t-shirt. We wear our dog hair with pride. It’s a fashion statement.

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21 Pooping Pooches Calendar

If your dog walker has a sense of humor, they will appreciate this adorable Pooping Pooches Calendar. These dogs have no shame, and we are here for it. 

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22 World’s Best Dog Walker Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament with dogs and dog walker. Text says World's Best Dog Walker

For the holidays, show your appreciation for the best dog walker with this World’s Best Dog Walker Ornament. It’s the perfect purchase for Christmas.

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23&24 I Let the Dogs Out T-shirt

We are grateful that they let the dog out. Celebrate that gratitude with this Hilarious V-Neck T-shirt. In traditional and women’s fit.

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Women’s Fit on Amazon

25 Matching Hoodies

Your dog and dog walker will stop traffic in these adorable matching hoodies from Spark Paws. It’s cute and well-constructed with soft fleece lining and buttery soft fabric. Not only is this a great dog walker gift, but it’s also a cute treat for the dog. How cute will they look walking around town in matching outfits.

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26 Best Dog Walker Mug

Coffee Cup with Best Dog Walker Ever Print

Let’s just call it like it is. You have THE best dogwalker, and this cup will let everyone know that is the case. 

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27 ASPCA donation

If they love dogs as much as you do, they will appreciate a donation to the ASPCA in their name. Giving a donation is one of the best gifts for dog walkers.

Donate here

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