There are so many fun things about Halloween like eating your kids Halloween candy, enjoying the parade of Frozen princess costumes, and visiting with neighbors while trick or treating, but it can be quite a spooky time of year for our fur-kids. Here are a few Halloween pet safety tips to keep our furry friends safe and stress-free during the month of October.

Halloween Pet Safety

Put a Paws on Spooky Décor

My neighbors go full-out with the decorations weeks before Halloween. They deck out their yards with witches, tombstones, and large inflatable goblins. Some of these super-sized scary beings even make frightening noises when you walk past them. The kids eat it up, but our pup Mortimer is terrified by the noisy demon that screams at him on his morning walk. During the Halloween season, we make it a point to take the least frightening routes around the neigborhood. 

Try to avoid using any decorations at your home that includes unusual movements, lights, or sounds that can scare your pup. Electrical cords and the loose fake eye ball could be a  chewing or choking hazard.

Sack Frightful Candy

Chocolate is infamous for being toxic to pets, but did you know that xylitol, often found in diet candies, can also be harmful to your pet? I give you permission to eat all of your kids extra Halloween candy to protect your pups from getting into the trick or treat stash. The foil packaging and sticks from caramel apples can often be just as harmful as the candy. For any poison, concerns call ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately

Halloween Pet Safety
Dignan – “Self-Appointed Halloween Safety Patrol”

Pranks are Ruff

Unfortunately, Halloween is notorious for pranksters who target our fur-kids. Black cats are particularly vulnerable. Keep your pets safe indoors on Halloween night.

The Bark-Side of Doorbells

When someone rings the doorbell or knocks on our door, our dogs go bonkers. It is in their nature to protect the home from strangers. On Halloween, make sure they are secure and can’t escape with the door opening and closing all night. Create a quiet haven for your pets away from the door. Put on some music to drown out the noise. There are tons of great playlists on Spotify and You Tube.

You can also come up with an alternate plan for the doorbell. Keep an eye out for trick or treaters and greet them before they have a chance to ring the doorbell. We like to sit on our porch with friends and greet the kids before they get close to the door.

It’s best not to allow your dog access to trick or treaters. Even the most passive dog can be confused by the costumes and activity and may show some unexpected aggression. What is often fun for humans is a Halloween nightmare for our pups.

Glow Sticks, Candles, and Batteries, Oh my!

Glow sticks are non-toxic, but they can still taste awful and make your dog or cat feel itchy. Keep them away from your pet’s reach. Pumpkins with candles are an accident waiting to happen. Your dog can quickly knock one over and cause a fire. Cats are especially candle-curious. Battery operated versions are a great option as long as you avoid loose batteries that can be a choking habit.

Put a Leash on Costumes

You know your pet. If your fur-kids don’t like costumes it is best not to torture them with your desires to transform them into a lion or piece of pizza. If your dog or cat does like a costume, make sure that it doesn’t restrict their sight, hearing, movement, or ability to breathe. Bandanas are a great way to be festive without the stress of a costume. 

If you are looking for a unicorn costume for your dog or cat, we reviewed the top five.

Pumpkins and Corn are Not Your Fur-end

Pumpkins and corn are also non-toxic to pets, but too much of a good thing can give them a tummy ache. Be aware that when we dress food up as Halloween decorations, it still just looks like food to our pets.

Check ID’s, Right Meow

Halloween is an excellent time to double-check that your dog’s collar and ID has the correct information. Just in case something should happen during the celebration you want to make sure they quickly make it back home to you.

Have a Happy Howl-O-Ween

Follow these Halloween Pet Safety tips to make sure your pets are safe and relaxed during the Halloween season. Enjoy the holiday with spooky Halloween bandanas and autumn walks while keeping your pet happy and healthy.

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