5 Best Modern Cat Scratchers

I love my cat, Lottie Mae. I also love my sleek and comfortable velvet wingback chair. Is there are a world where both of my loves can live in harmony? Yes, and the answer doesn’t require us to live with an unsightly beige carpeted cat tree in the middle of the living room.

The best way to protect our furniture is to provide our cats with a place for them to scratch, stretch, and even hang out. Cat scratchers no longer need to be an eyesore. Instead of detracting from the room’s aesthetic, modern catch scratchers can be an attractive design element. We reviewed the best modern cat scratchers to keep your cat happy and away from your beloved furniture.

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Why Cats Scratch

While it can sometimes feel a little personal when your cat scratches your favorite chesterfield sofa, they are probably not doing it out of vengeance. They are likely removing the dead outer layer of their claws to reveal sharp new ones.

Scratching is also a way to mark their territory, squeeze in a little stretching, and relieve some stress. It’s basically aggressive kitty yoga, and if you don’t create a space for it, they will make one using your one-of-kind retro chaise lounge. 

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat but she loves her scratcher so much she takes time out of her busy day sleeping on the porch to come inside, grab some food, and give a good scrape to her modern cat scratcher. I’m not an animal behaviorist, so I don’t know for sure, but I think she is marking her territory and reminding the dogs who is boss.

Choosing the Right Modern Scratcher for Your Cat

When you purchased one of these best modern cat scratchers, it will not help in defending your furniture if your cat isn’t into it. You need to get a scratcher that will fulfill their specific needs. There are few tips and tricks to get your cat to fall in love with it, but it’s essential to understand their scratching behavior before purchasing one.

TIP: If you are still getting to know your cat, it might make sense to buy some inexpensive cardboard cat scratchers at first to get to know their behavior before investing in a nicer modern cat scratcher. 

Vertical vs Horizontal

Does your cat like to scratch on the floor, or do they prefer a vertical scratcher where they can squeeze in a little stretching?

Space for Lounging

Does your cat need an area for lounging near their scratcher, or are they more of a scratch and go kind of cat?


There are three common types of materials and your cat may have a preference.

Sisal: sturdy and lasts the longest with minimal clean-up

Cardboard: inexpensive but requires clean up of small pieces

Carpet: can quickly deteriorate and may encourage scratching on other carpet furniture.

Size and Sturdiness

If you get a vertical cat scratcher, make sure it is long enough for them to stretch fully. If it is too short, your cat will start eyeing the couch again. It must also be sturdy. The higher the tower, the larger the base will need to be. It might make sense to secure it to the wall or a large platform to make sure it doesn’t move. If it falls while your cat is scratching, it will be even more challenging to get them to return

If your cat prefers a horizontal scratcher, make sure that it is large enough that they can sit on it and scratch. 

Once you choose from these best modern cat scratchers for your cat’s needs, scroll down below for ideal placement and tips on how to get them to love it!

Reviews: The Best Modern Cat Scratchers

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

39 x 11 x 14.3 inches ; 11.2 pounds

The sleek Petfusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is one of our favorite best modern cat scratchers. It offers plenty of space to scratch and hang out. It’s made off recycled cardboard, non-toxic cornstarch glue, and comes with organic catnip.

If you have multiple cats, the Jumbo Cat Scratcher is built for sharing and can hold up to four cats. The sleek design and substantial size make it a modern and attractive addition to your living space. It’s sturdy and large enough that it almost feels like a piece of furniture. After your cats have given it a serious shred, you can flip it on the other side for a second life. 

USER HACK: There are some complaints that the sides can be razor-sharp right out of the package, so users suggest a light sanding of the edges before putting it in play. You can create an attractive cat wall by attaching them with shelf brackets.


  • Center provides substantial lounge space
  • Sturdy and large enough for a long stretch
  • Great for large cats and multiple cats


  • Cardboard creates additional clean-up
  • Can seem expensive for cardboard
  • Sharp sides may need to be addressed before use
  • Not ideal for vertical scratchers

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches 7.5 pounds

Colors choices: gray, white, walnut brown

PetFusion also makes the Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge with similar recycled cardboard and non-toxic starch glue construction, but it comes in this extra classy infinity shape. It has similar features as the jumbo lounge, as it comes with organic catnip and is reversible, but the Ultimate lounge also comes in three colors (gray, white, and walnut brown) to coordinate with your space.

This cat scratcher is so popular there are copycats who, according to the manufacturer, do not live up to the quality of the Pet Fusion version. Some cats find the sexy curves of the infinity shape easier to scratch but there is less hangout area with the closed center.

USER HACK: Some users purchase two and push them together for additional lounge space. They also make an attractive cat wall when attached with shelf brackets.


  • Large and sturdy product
  • Modern infinity shape
  • Large enough for full stretching


  • Less lounge space
  • Not ideal for vertical scratchers
  • Cardboard creates additional clean-up

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VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratching Post

VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratching Post

17.7*17.7*41.3 inches Large

14.6*14.6*31.5 inches Small

If you love modern boho design, the cactus-inspired shape of the Vetreska Cactus Cat Scratching Post may be an excellent fit for your home. The Scratching post is made with sisal rope and has two attached pink flowers. It is designed for the vertical scratcher and has two heights to choose from.

Cats can scratch and climb on the sturdy structure made from PVC pipe. It comes in two pieces, and most find it easy to put together. Some fur-parents feel it is a little on the expensive side but love its unique design and sturdy construction.

USER HACK: If the sisal on the base becomes detached, it can easily be repaired with a hot glue gun. 


  • Unique cactus design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great for vertical scratchers


  • A little pricey
  • Pink flowers can not be removed
  • No lounge space

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KATRIS Modular Cat Tree

O shape=16 x 8 x 16, L shape=24 x 8 x 16, T shape=24 x 8 x 16, Z shape=24 x 8 x 16, I shape=32 x 8 x 8. 

Color options: Maple, Black, Multi-color, Original Kraft, Teak, Wood Drift

The Katris Modular Cat Tree provides multiple stylish design options for your home and cat. Featured in Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” these five cardboard block pieces come in different sizes and lock together with ten plastic clips. It comes in six different color options and can be put together to create multiple designs like a feline-friendly bookshelf, coffee table, cat wall, or cat scratcher.

The blocks are quite sturdy, and the manufacturer claims they can hold up to 300lbs. Depending on how you put them together, you may need to attach them to a wall or base for additional stability. The higher price point may turn off some fur-parents, but this modular unit can unleash your creativity while also being an excellent place for your cat to play, sleep, and scratch.

USER HACK: Some users complain that the clips are not strong enough to hold the blocks together when there is serious playtime. They have replaced them with Velcro straps for a stronger hold. You can also purchase a wall mount kit at Katris.com.


  • The modular component creates endless design options
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes in a large variety of colors


  • Clips can easily break 
  • Some openings are too small for large cats
  • Can be loud when cats are playing

ScratchMe Cat Condo Scratcher

12. 99×12. 60×22. 44 inches

Flavor Choices: chocolate and vanilla milk

This pop art-inspired ScratchMe Cat Condo Scratcher lets your cat scratch in the privacy of a milk carton. The cardboard scratcher fits inside the bottom, although some cats will enjoy scratching the outside as well.

The ultra-modern design, including multi-lingual markings, will undoubtedly be a conversation piece at your next dinner party. It’s made of five layers of corrugated cardboard and comes with catnip. 

USER HACK: Many users complain the clips do not hold the structure together at the top and have used zip ties, binder clips, and super glue as an alternative.


  • Affordable
  • Original Pop-Art design
  • Includes cat hiding place


  • Clips do not stay in place
  • Smaller scratching area
  • Size may not work for all cats

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Get Your Cat to Love the Scratching Post

Now that you have chosen one the Best Modern Cat Scratchers for your cat, you need to make sure they fall in love in with it.

I know this sounds crazy, but I was recently visiting some friends who have just added a new scratching tower to their home. My friend pretended to scratch the post, and the cat darted from across the room to start scratching. (Maybe the cat was correcting my friends scratch technique, but either way, it worked)

Sometimes it helps to show the cat how it’s done. However, it’s best if you pretended to be the cat. Do not grab their paws and start to scratch. 

Another option is to sprinkle a little catnip on the scratcher. Most of the best modern cat scratchers I found come with a bag of catnip.


Placement is also a factor in getting them to engage with the scratching post. 

Since it is often a way for them to mark their territory its best to start by placing it in the most prominent room or at the center of household hangout. Basically, you can’t shove the cat scratcher in the back bedroom or a closet if you want them to use it. It’s a way for them to claim the space and if you hide it in the laundry room they are going to convert your twill club chair into a shredded mess.

It feels a little uncomfortable to drop serious change on something your cat intends to destroy, but if it has to sit next to you and your ultra-modern sectional it would help if it looked stylish.

If you are retraining them to scratch the post instead of a piece of furniture, place it right in front of what you are trying to protect.

Placement can relate to when they like to scratch. After a nap? Place it near their bed. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple cat scratchers. If they are cute, you will feel better about them being around the house.

The Wrap Up on the Best Modern Cat Scratchers

Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice style to keep your cat happy and healthy. Whether your cat is a vertical or horizontal scratcher or prefers sisal or cardboard, one of these best modern cat scratchers will make your cat happy and home beautiful.

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