Pawther’s day is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to break out the printer and scissors and get your craft on!

Every Dog or Cat-Dad deserves some gratitude from their pet. Celebrate Pawther’s day with these free downloadable cards and add a personal thank you message signed by your pet.

Pawthers Day Card options

Free Printable Pawther’s Day Card


  1. Click the button below to receive a pdf with two downloadable cards (seen above) and an envelope template. If this is the first time we have chatted over email you will also receive a confirmation email to make sure you are not a Bot. (It’s not a Bot-er’s Day card after all.)
  2. Print the pdf’s on standard 8.5 x 11 paper or card stock
  3. Use scissors to cut along cut lines
  4. Fold the envelope along dotted lines and tape sides
  5. Fold greeting card and write a cute message from your pup to their Pawsome Pawther!

There are two options to choose from. Print one. Print both. It’s doesn’t matter because it’s free.

In case your cat or dog isn’t sure what to write inside the card, here is a quick list of reasons why your pet might be grateful to their Fur-Dad.

  1. Breakfast and Dinner
  2. Treats
  3. Walks
  4. Keeping me safe on walks, especially when (insert nemesis) is nearby.
  5. Sneaking food under the table when Mom isn’t looking
  6. Rolling down the window and letting the wind blow through my fur
  7. Treats
  8. Leaving the empty yogurt container on the edge of the counter so I could easily access it.
  9. That new fancy couch you got just for me.
  10. Treats
  11. Teaching me to sit, stay, and beg for food.
  12. Cuddles.
  13. Sleeping in so I can squeeze in more cuddles

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