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The proven benefits of having a dog crate certainly outweighed the ugly eyesore they create in our living spaces. I take pride that our home is a collection of furnishing that are meaningful to our family, and a big chunky metal crate does fit into that picture. Until recently, there were no modern dog crate options

Thanks to some innovative product designers, we now can have the best of both worlds. There are now sleek modern dog crates with improved functionality. We reviewed five modern dog crate designs so you can find the perfect one for your fur-babe. 

Benefits of a Dog Crate

Crates are one of your first purchases when you get a new puppy, and they are a critical part of teaching them to do their biz outside. They also protect your dog and household from the risks of chewing during house training. Some humans struggle with the crate because it brings up feelings they are caging their dog. However, dogs are den animals, and a crate provides a den-like space for your pup in your home. 

How to Determine Crate Size

Your pup’s crate should be just large enough for your dog to lie down and be able to stretch out. To find the correct size crate, you need to measure your pup from the tip of the nose to the tail base. (Do not include the length of the tail.) Add 2-4 inches to the measurement. This will be the length needed for your crate. 

To measure the height, get your dog into the sit position and then measure from their head to the floor. Add 2-4 inches to this measurement for the proper height for the cage. Crate companies make size suggestions based on weight estimates, but you should always check that the measurements work for your pup.

You can use a puppy divider to make a larger crate small enough for your puppy.  Adjust the divider or remove it as they grow. 

Where to Place Your Modern Dog Crate

When looking for the ideal place for the crate, consider a low traffic area away from outlets, cords, or toxic plants. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near heating and cooling vents. Some homeowners find smart ways to create built-ins under the stair or in kitchen island.

Best Overall Modern Dog Crate

The Revol

Internal Dimension: (Small ) 25 x 19H x 17W (Medium) 32L x 22H x 20W
Crate Weight (small) 25 lbs (medium) 32
Reccomended for dogs (small) up to 30lbs (medium) up to 50lbs

Developed from a Kickstarter campaign, the Revol is a highly functional modern dog crate with a slick design. It has a heavy-duty construction with a diamond mesh pattern to prevent injury to your pup.  It features multiple door openings and a removable bottom tray for easy clean-up

The crate is collapsable with a handle and wheels making it super convenient for traveling. When my parents traveled with their pup, they carried around a big bulky metal crate into every place they stayed. It was a huge hassle. The Revol takes the stress out of traveling with your dog and their crate.

You can purchase matching crate pads cleverly named the Snooz and a popsicle-shaped training toy called the Groov that attaches to the crate’s side to keep your dog distracted while you walk out the door. This could be a great help for dogs with anxiety. (Consult a pet behaviorist if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.)

The downside is they currently only have options for smaller dogs, but the larger crate is in the works! Many reviews speak to the fantastic customer service of the Digg brand. There is clearly a passionate group of innovators behind this product. It’s encouraging to see this kind of ingenuity in the pet and home space. If you want to keep an eye on this team to see what other cool stuff they have in the works sign up for their newsletter which also gives you $25 off and free shipping on crates.

Kind Tails Pawd

Dimensions: 21L x 16H x 16.5W
Crate Weight: Weighs 6 lbs
Reccomended for dogs 5-15lbs

KindTail’s Pawd is also redefining the dog crate for modern homes. They refer to the Pawd as a comfortable nesting space for your pup. The door is designed to stay open when you are home, unlike the original crates where the gate swings about when not locked. It’s made from ABS plastic and collapses into an easy to carry flat case with a handle. It comes in white, gray, and pink. .

There is currently just a small size available. The large version is still in development but is scheduled for a fall release. It does not come with a puppy divider, and some people have found it difficult to get the door to latch, but you can purchase an adorable padded insert for total puppy comfort.

Moderno Dog Crate

Bowsers Pet Products Moderno Dog Crate - Large Crate - Grey
Dimensions: (Large) 36 in. x 23 in. x 26 in (Xtra-Large) 42 in. x 28 in. x 31 in


This Moderno Dog Crate is an eye-catching architectural piece that will look stunning in any modern home. The Industrial chic cabinetry is accented with brushed stainless steel bars and hardware. It has two openings and a fitted pad (sold separately) for maximum comfort. This is one of the only designs that offer a large and XL option. It has an upscale look and matching price tag, but you pay for some creative innovation and quality materials.

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Find on the Great Pet Shop

Casual Home Wood Crate

Dimensions: Multiple sizes

The Casual Home Wood Crate is designed to look like an end table and perfect for homes with transitional decor. It comes in five different colors and patterns, but the criss-cross option is the more modern style. It is lockable, but its wood construction does not make it a great option for training puppies or dogs who like to chew. Some people have complained that is has arrived chipped and is a bit difficult to assemble, but the double functionality of a crate and side table is great for small spaces.

Radius Wooden Crate

Dimensions: 25 x 36 x 28 inches
Weighs: 69.5 Pounds

The Radius wooden crate has a super cool mid-mod look. It’s made of wood with metal mesh vents. It comes in various sizes and colors (Alpine white, Mocha Walnut, and Chablis Pink). This has a lower price point, but there are complaints that it is difficult to put together and not the best quality of materials.  It could be an excellent option for a second hangout for your dog who has grown out of any behavior problems rather than a training crate. It is also suited for smaller dogs.

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The Wrap Up

Reinventing the dog crate is no easy task, but I think the Revol, Pawd, and Moderna dog crate designers are on to something. All three have stylish designs that work with décor in our modern homes. Most importantly, they are crafted to keep our dogs safe and comfortable. I am excited to follow these three product designers as they continue to innovate. Other options may work for small dogs without any behavior concerns, but if you are looking for something more durable, the Revol, Pawd, and Moderna are the way to go. 

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